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Bal Erotique FAQ

Hello All,

Bal Erotique is now less than 2 weeks away, and this year we guarantee an event like never before seen in the World!

Bal Erotique is an event originating in Montreal, which we plan to tour through major cities in North America in the next few years.

This year we are very proud to celebrate our 5th year Anniversary with a very edgy theme: Apocalypse.


We strongly suggest that you purchase your tickets ASAP. Only 1,000 spaces are available (500 less than previous years) and we have already sold more than half the available tickets.

Below is a list of Frequently Asked Questions we have been receiving this year.


Why Apocalypse?

Firstly, remember, this is just a theme to give the producers an opportunity to create a story line and flow to the evening.

Secondly, we selected Apocalypse because when we thought about an « end of the world party » with Monde Osé, we envisioned an amazing gathering of sexy open-minded people, dressed exotically, partying freely and with WILD ABANDON until the final moments… and this is what we will be re-creating on Aug 21, 2010. We get to pretend that there is NO TOMORROW, and just focus on having fun, WITHOUT JUDGEMENT for that ONE NIGHT!

Thirdly, we selected this theme because we want to raise awareness about the Mayans 2012 « end of times » theories and invite people to reflect on what is important in their lives. As well, we want people to think about what effects human behavior has had on our communities and our planet. Therefore, the goal is to make people question what kind of force they wish like to be while on this planet.


How is Apocalypse sexy?

Remember, this is only a theme. The main event is BAL EROTIQUE, which is a party about celebrating sensuality and sexuality. Therefore, it goes without say that this party will be a sexy and seductive night.


What guarantees this will be a sexy event is BAL EROTIQUE’S recipe for success:

THE PEOPLE – respectful open-minded people who enjoy meeting and interacting with new individuals, who have a flare for life and enjoy being sexy.

The Costumes – Bal Erotique is known for the amazing costumes that the guests and performers wear. Nowhere else can you find so many people from different walks of life, dressed up under a common theme, with sexiness as the central uniting factor.

The Performances – The Bal Erotique is filled with awe-inspiring performances designed to seduce the audience and lift the sexual energy of the room. This year, we have pulled all the stops and have filled the event with a constant stream of entertainment with performers from Canada, United States and Mexico

The Music – At Bal Erotique you can always count on world class house music to get you in the mood to dance, and bump and grind with your partner(s).

Therefore, Apocalypse will be sexy, because we will all make it sexy, and you will experience a once in a lifetime event that does not exist ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD. Take advantage of this amazing event while it is still in your backyard!


What should you wear to the Bal Erotique Apocalypse?

This is the question we are asking YOU this year. If you were in your last moments, what would YOU WEAR? Some people would answer: « I would be naked making love to my partner!!! » Well that is a start! Just remember you need to at least wear something to cover your privates 🙂

Besides that, we have created an amazing dress code gallery on to inspire you. Remember, these are only ideas. The point here is to use your imagination and come up with something that expresses your sexiness, and what YOU would be comfortable wearing at a party like this.

Remember, just because the theme might be a bit darker this year, doesn’t mean you have to dress that way. You can wear anything that inspires you, as long as you make an effort to wear some sort of sexy costume.

If you need a bit more direction, and want to wear something that compliments the theme, think about movies like: Mad Max, the Matrix, Terminator, or performers like: Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera, Beyonce, Adam Lambert, etc.

In terms of what type of clothes, think leather, latex, PVC, black lace, fishnets, etc. And don’t forget to accessorize: necklaces, bracelets, cuffs, etc. That can make the difference between a good outfit and a great outfit.


Is Bal Erotique Apocalypse a fetish event?

NO, Bal Erotique is not a “fetish” party. If you read the “about” page on, you will see that BAL EROTIQUE IS A COMBINATION OF: a lingerie party, a masquerade ball, a burlesque show AND a fetish event. It is all these events combined into one. You decide how you want to celebrate.

This year the theme might feel a bit more « fetishy », but there is no « play area » or « dungeon » at this event. This is an electronic music, thematic DANCE party and SHOW EXPERIENCE where YOU play a main character.

Past themes have included: Garden of Eden (2007), Illuminati – A masked ball (2008) and Sweet Dreams – Lingerie party (2009).


Why $75?

Bal Erotique is one of the best produced events in Montreal, giving you a multisensory experience and diversified entertainment. If you compare other entertainment experiences, you will see that the Bal Erotique is still one of the most affordable QUALITY events in town. You will definitely get your money’s worth!


6 hour THEMATIC EVENT and Dance Party

4 hours of visual stage entertainment

Continuous performances and animation

Non-stop SENSUAL stimulation

Distinctive, exceptional, sexy clientele