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Sacred and Sensuous – Awakening to Erotic Freedom – Preview

An 8-Day Retreat That Could Change Your Life!
July 25 — August 1, 2014
Kio-o, centre de ressourcement et de créativité Sainte-Lucie des Laurentides (Québec)

Themes you will explore include:

  • The Power of Presence
  • The Illusion of Separation
  • The Supportive Power of Ritual
  • Receptivity to the Wisdom of the Body
  • Opening to Profound, Authentic Intimacy
  • The Role of Surrender in Beholding “The Magic”
  • The Power of Conscious Touch for Healing and Pleasure
  • The Importance of Healthy Boundaries in Conscious Relating
  • The Dance of Masculine and Feminine- Both Inside and Out
  • Expression of Aliveness and Passion Using Sound, Breath and Movement