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Lawrence Lanoff joins Awakening to Erotic Freedom Retreat

Lawrence Lanoff is a tantric master, best-selling author of A Course In Freedom, and deeply enlightened healer and teacher. His mission is helping women recover their inner sense of safety and wellbeing that comes from turning fears and vulnerabilities into ecstasy and power. Through focusing our energies of intention and inner desire, we can have the experience of creating the life and relationships we desire and deserve. Lawrence is a professional photographer and veteran director/filmmaker, and the creator of TantraXO training for women. TantraXO helps people focus on unleashing their fully embodied sensual / spiritual potential.

Tantra-XO – The Art of Feeling Good and Alive

Fear is the reason we feel stuck and are unable to move forward in life and in our relationships. Often it is our fear of actually getting what we want that is the reason we continue to suppress our emotions and inner sensations, overriding the life force that lies dormant within us. Step into your power with Lawrence as he guides you into recognition of your greatest fears and turns that into pure power. Begin this journey of transformation by letting the courage in your heart lead you to an experience your own wholeness – which is essential to feel before moving ahead in relationship.

Crystal Dawn Morris and Lawrence Lanoff have each devoted over 20 years to discovering the essence of what it is to awaken and celebrate erotic freedom. They are joining forces and bring you an opportunity to deep dive into the powerful wisdom teachings that have transformed their lives. Come spend eight powerful days exploring the essence of erotic freedom that is your birthright!

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Remember, Freedom is your birthright!