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New Lady Gaga Video – Bad Romance

Lady Gaga is coming to town on Friday November 27, and if her concert is anything like her brand new video Bad Romance, I think its going to be one KINKY joy ride!

Check out Lady Gaga’s new video for Bad Romance:


We here at Monde Osé think this is the hottest video to come out in a LONG TIME. Everything from the costumes, sets, make up, cinematography, and story line are EXCELLENT.

I can`t say enough about this video!!! It`s soooooo HOT it actually catches on fire…

Although some people think Lady Gaga is too commercial, I think she rocks. She`s got the guts to do what makes her happy, she`s got a sexy vision, and DARES to be different. EXACTLY WHAT MONDE OSÉ is about.

Oh, and as for the song, I think it`s friggin catchy and FOR SURE will be a dance floor hit. Its probably going to start being overplayed on every radio station any second now, so enjoy it while you can!!! 🙂

Feel free to comment on the video. It can make for an interesting conversation!

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