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MTL Blog – Montreal To Host The Biggest “Sexy Party” In North America

Montreal To Host The Biggest “Sexy Party” In North America

The beauty of being alive in a time where anything goes, is that: anything goes! The age-old list of taboos is getting shorter, while the list of opportunities for self-discovery gets longer. Well consider the annual Bal Érotique the extravaganza of exploring your deepest fantasies in a modern world.

Monde Osé are masters at creating fully-immersive, sensual experiences that entice both mind and body, where the daring, the curious, the shy, and the classy come to connect, free from inhibitions. The 11th edition of the Bal Érotique is back and better than ever!


Nos billets sont maintenant au prix excitant de 75$ et s’envolent rapidement! Faites vite pour garantir votre place au Temple d’Éros, un événement signature Monde Osé!

Soyez des nôtre au Temple le vendredi 26 août! Nous ne garantissons pas de place à la porte, et s’il y en a, les billets seront 100$

Rejoignez-nous. Réservez dès maintenant.

Cliquez ici – Achète des billets pour le Bal Érotique 11