Q. Is Monde Osé a swinger’s club?

A. Definitely NOT. Monde Osé is an environment where people can be themselves and be sexy without the worry of being judged. Although some guests attending the party may consider themselves “swingers”, others are there to party and go wild in an ultra-seductive setting.

Q. Is sex permitted at a Monde Osé party?

A. Sex is not permitted at the event. All sexual activity should be taken outside the event and in the privacy of your own home or hotel room. However, kissing, touching, petting and flirtatious behavior are not uncommon at a Monde Osé Party.

Q. Do I have to be invited to attend a Monde Osé party? How do I become a Member?

A. The best way to gain access to a party is to be pre-approved through the membership section and to purchase your tickets online. This will ensure that you are on the guest list and given easy access the night of the event. Monde Osé has strict membership criteria and not everyone is accepted.

You may however, spontaneously decide to attend the party. Non-members who wish to attend an event and haven’t been pre-approved will be screened onsite by Monde Osé staff. Entry is based on attractiveness, style and sophistication. The cost at the door will vary by event with a slight premium over pre-sale tickets.

Q. What should I wear?

A. Monde Osé stands for Daring People, Daring World. So the best way to describe what you should wear is anything that makes you feel daring or sexy. Women may wear anything from provocative dresses, short skirts, tight jeans, to leather, see-through clothing or whatever else makes the imagination run wild with sensual desire. Men may wear fashionable shirts, tight tops, stylish jeans and whatever else portrays the image of a classy, handsome male. There is nothing sexier than people who show their confidence through the clothing they wear. Seeing that a Monde Osé party happens only once a month, we encourage our guests to make it a special outing and wear something a bit more Osé than they would regularly on an ordinary night out.

No athletic wear, running shoes or baseball caps are permitted. Use your imagination and add a little spice to your wardrobe!

Q. Who attends Monde Osé?

A. Monde Osé is made up of people from diverse cultural backgrounds and varied professions. These people are mainly in committed relationships, married, lovers, friends and women interested in meeting other couples and single women. Most of our guests are between the ages of 23 and 38 (note: you must be at least 18 to attend). Single men are rarely allowed at Members Only Monde Osé Events.

Q. Where are Monde Osé parties held?

A. The venue may vary by event however most parties will be held in trendy Montreal nightclubs (see Events section for more details on our next party).