Monde Osé Origins

originsMonde Osé was conceived in 2005, when I (Frank, the founder) and my wife were searching for sexy themed parties to express our sensuality, live new fantasies and stimulate our relationship. Our search led us to all types of clubs in Montreal and in our travels, but none satisfied our expectations.

It was at that point we decided to start hosting our own events in order to fill a need of upscale sexy events for open minded people in Montreal. On August 5th 2005, Monde Osé was launched in a small popular nightclub called Joy Nightspot, where 110 select people attended the first ever private, open minded party for couples and ladies. The word began to spread about our elaborate sexy parties, and slowly, our events and reputation grew.

After one year of hosting monthly Monde Osé parties, we decided to host an anniversary event. We wanted to do something big, something that would include people from every lifestyle that wanted to celebrate their sensuality and sexuality, in a spirit of acceptance and celebration.

It was at that point the Bal Érotique was born. The goal of the Bal Érotique was to create a true fantasy world for beautiful, adventurous and open minded people and to promote Montreal’s culture, diversity and talents. 450 people attended the first Bal Érotique, and our numbers quickly doubled the following year and today more than 1500 people attend our annual anniversary ball!

Since then, we have continued to invest in developing the most awe inspiring, upscale, and opulent sexy events in Montreal!