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Bal Érotique 11: Temple of Eros

On Friday, August 26th 2016, the 11th edition of the Bal Érotique, Monde Osé welcomes you into the Temple of Eros, the Temple of intimate love.

For 11 years Monde Osé has celebrated love and sensuality, and this year we have the honor of celebrating these values at our next event in the Church of Our Lady of Perpetual Assistance (now Paradoxe Theatre).

The Church” has always been a place of worship, often built on power spots, or over ancient Goddess Temples of antiquity. So on this night we will channel the power of the land, and the church, to celebrate and worship the cornerstone of human existence and pleasure: EROS

Our Lady” is the symbol of the Feminine energies rising, so on this night we invite the Goddess to take her rightful seat by the King, a metaphor for Divine Intimate Union between Masculine and Feminine, the 2 energies of the world to create life, vitality and joy!

temple poster

From the stain glass windows, to the sacred geometry and symbolism of the architecture, we will have the opportunity to raise our sexual energies in a divine ceremony, among our friends and loved ones, at the world’s leading sensual entertainment playground: Monde Osé.

On this evening we celebrate Intimate Love / EROS, and revel in the joys of sexuality in the spirit of those famous archetypes and characters throughout history. Will you show up as star crossed lovers like Romeo and Juliette, or pay homage to the story of devotion of the Egyptian Goddess Isis and Osiris, who went to the ends of the world to re-member her partner and bear his child Horus – the Sun God? How about Adam and Eve, or his first wife Lilith? Maybe King Arthur and his inspiration of Camelot, Princess Guinevere? Or, the Sumerian Goddess Inanna, who travelled the underworld for 3 days and 3 nights, or her Greek counterpart Persephone? Anakin Skywalker and Padme of the Star Wars Universe? Cupid? Aphrodite? Shiva? Kali?

ANYTHING is possible at this gathering, from recreating your favorite idol of love and eros from any story or time, to revealing a deeper version of your own Erotic nature as you see fit: the Sky is the limit.

On this evening we will bring the Heavens and Earth together again, to create a paradise reminiscent of the “Garden of Eden“.

Gods, Goddesses, Monde Osé awaits you in our TEMPLE OF EROS!