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Nostalgia of an Event Producer, Looking Back in Time


October in Montreal is exciting. Probably one of our favorite months, thus far!
Come to think of it, there just something magical in the air, in a time of change. It is very different from the summer and you can feel it all around.
According to many, this time of the year brings inspiration to the table in preparation for this change; a new love affair, perhaps, new personal goals and or new projects that tend to arise.

One thing certain, inspiration comes in handy for those who produce the events we all love to attend!

Ever think and wonder where it all came from? Let us tell you; people, our people, trends, fantasies, the weather, the change of season’s, important events, purpose, who what where why and how. A bold mix of blood, sweat and tears put into the smallest details is what makes each event worth the while.

‘’Art is what you can get away with’’ – Andy Warhol

As most event producers, we thrive on setting moods that will elevate the spirits of those who dare to participate in our creations. October’s Halloween happens in a month of both darkness and light. A perfect combination for creating if you ask us! 

Think about it, we celebrate Thanksgiving amongst family and friends, then we celebrate the dead by dressing up in lifestyle costumes that differ entirely from our day-to-day. All the while leaves falling all around, the air cooling, we enjoy the colors of nature, harvest our apples and pumpkins, find time for cuddling and begin to cocoon. Cocooning is sexy!

Currently a month away from our Halloween event, things are turning up! Ideas are concretising, emotions are flowing, excitement is showing and nostalgia is kicking in.  For he who is open-minded in love, pleasure, and adventure is a spiritual and emotional being, vulnerable to nostalgia. Monde Osé, represent! 

That being said, looking back on our past Halloween events, here are some flashbacks of remarkable moments and concepts that have motivated us for an entirely new concept happening Saturday, October 29th, 2016.



Remember that night? Yeah! You. Now, let’s get you excited for this year’s Halloween featuring POP CULTURE & SEX MAGIC.  An entirely new direction for us… 



Last day for 40$ tickets if you haven’t already got them. Engage HERE for a night to remember!



The Monde Osé Halloween Ball 2016 
Saturday, October 29th 2016 
10:00 PM - 3:00 AM