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A word from Frank regarding the new

Hello Monde Osé

I just want to take a brief moment to let you know a bit more about the new, what our goal is for it, and how things will be deployed.

The first thing I want to express is how happy I am to have finally launched this website. It has been 6 months in the making, and I am very happy about it. This year will be a very big year for Monde Osé, and will play a huge role in our development.

The goal of the new website is to offer members a central resource for all information regarding Monde Osé, our events, our talent and the lifestyle that surrounds Monde Osé. Throughout this year, I will be taking on various “professionals” and journalists to do research, and report to you on different topics regarding sexuality, dating, relationships, health and fitness, the nightlife scene and much much more. In addition, we will be asking questions about life, social “norms” and lifestyle, and I count on you, the readers, to contribute to these “ideas” by replying in the comments fields.

Seeing as I am in the crunch period for Bal Erotique organization, the site will probably start off a bit slower and will definately build up steam as the months move on, bringing you as much fresh content as possible.

Writers will write in their native language, and we will be sure to get as many people writing in both French and English. All important information will be translated so that it is available in French and English.

For now, in an effort to get you as much information as possible, and to write as often as possible, I will be addressing you in my native language, which is in English, but I PROMISE that the moment I have a bit more time and budget, I will continue to service my members in both languages, as we have been doing so for the last 4 years.

Its going to be a great and exciting year for us (you the members and we the organizers). Please continue to stay connected to us, and I promise to continue creating new, fresh and exciting activities and passing on as much information as possible to continue developping our community!

Check the site often, because from here on in will be my primary way of communicating with you in a effort to minimize emails to the database!

Peace & love,
Frank Mondeose