Monde Osé TV

Apocalypse: New Age Warrior News – Broadcast#2


Deep in the heart of our secret News Bunker in Montreal, the New Age Warriors bring to you the fight against social status quo, materialism, ego and greed in these LAST DAYS. With YOUR help, humanity can transcend the END.

The New Age Warriors are the foot soldiers of change. They are the chosen ones who carry and share the message of Monde Osé and who will bring it to new heights.

Their mission is to help set individuals on a path of illumination through preaching self-awareness: * Using integrity, acceptance, respect and love as their moral compass, individual’s need to identify and find comfort in their own personal values which may or may not coincide with social norms: the key, to being a conductor of positive energy and transcending the Bal Erotique V Apocalypse.