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DJ ReCover Girl

Presenting your DJ and sponsors for the 2020 Burlesque Ball

To elevate the night to its climax we are bringing in the Wonder Woman of the dance floor, DJ ReCover Girl

DJ ReCover Girl

For this Montreal-based superhero DJ, music is the ultimate weapon of mass construction and a powerful unifying force.

Wielding various grooves to suit each occasion, she creates a common ground, combining nu-disco, a sprinkling of electroswing, a touch of trap, some irresistible soul, a little bass and a whole lotta house music.

She loves remixes that respect the essence of a song, vocals that really say something, melodies that bring us up when we’re down and turn the beat around.

Amazed at the human capacity to recover from anything, be it a rough day or whatever life throws our way, she has made it her mission to remind us to come together and keep on moving. Painting colour with sounds that “makeup” your mind, while the beat and bassline move your behind, ReCoverGirl is keeping dancefloors everywhere safe – AND SEXY.

Our Partners

A big thank you to our precious partners for this glorious night

Le Fabreville
Need a romantic getaway, delicious madness? An opportunity to celebrate? A stopover in the Laval region? Le Fabreville is the ideal place! With our full range of themed, luxurious and romantic themed rooms and suites, recently renovated, and our dedicated and attentive service down to the smallest detail, we will make your stay an unforgettable experience that you will be eager to renew.

LES 2TUDIOS TEMATIK: Experiential photography studios with specialized themes.
From different concepts of artistic abstract photos & international recognition. The instigator of the studio has won multiple prizes for different shots in many years. Today, a whole new way of doing things. A new brand takes shape.

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