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Introducing the Stars of the Royal Burlesque Ball X

On March 14th, Monde Osé will celebrate 10 years of the Royal Burlesque Ball. For the past decade, the performances featured at this glamourous event have captivated and seduced audiences, bringing people back year after year to experience this unique celebration of sensuality and femininity. As Monde Osé reaches this milestone anniversary, we invite you to experience burlesque from some of the very best artists in the business!




Here is an exclusive introduction to the Royal Burlesque Ball artists.

Roxi D’Lite
MO-BurlesqueX-11x17-1Reigning Queen of Burlesque, Miss Exotic World 2010, 21st Century No.1 Burlesque Performer of 2014, World Champion of Exotic Dance 2014


Roxi D’Lite is one of the world’s premier glamour showgirls and burlesque superstars. Roxi is most known for her innovative spin on classic burlesque by incorporating unusual props with aerial acrobats. Roxi performs and co-produces Detroit’s highly anticipated underground carnival and the greatest masquerade on earth, Theatre Bizarre, where she incorporates elements of carnival and circus into her performance.

Roxi aspires to be one of the greatest striptease artists of all time, and she continues to achieve her goal by consistently creating astounding, visually pleasing performances; each more different from the last. With her large array of skillful and unique acts that would fit any production or venue, Roxi never disappoints. She’s a bad girl with impeccable work ethic.

“I’m just a kind and humble gal, who likes to take her clothes off. I’ll continue to strip ‘til the audience throws tomatoes at me. Then, being a savvy business woman, I’ll go into the ketchup business.”

MiMi Cherry
MO-BurlesqueX-MimiCherryWith her powerful and charming attitude, MiMi Cherry has been performing in the field of burlesque and fetish entertainment for the past 10 years. Well known for her feminine allure and sensual curves, she seduces audiences with lustful and naughty performances. Using her enticing body and tantalizing gaze as a means of enchantment, she captivates both men and women alike.

MiMi Cherry travels the world to showcase her talent at international events, working with the best artists in the industry. Her versatile artistic sense and star-quality has led her to be a cover girl and featured in many alternative magazines. With a style ranging from pin-up burlesque and high fashion, to fetish and heavy rubber, meet her and you will be mesmerized!


Lavender May
MO-BurlesqueX-LavenderMayThe name of my act is Sacred Heart. Born into lace and sequins, this young seamstress loves putting on a show. She performs creative acts as one of Montreal’s stars of burlesque and is known in the community for her dedication, original concepts and always surprising costumes. She has produced and performed in Speakeasy Burlesque since 2011. Her recent European tour included Paris, London, Munich and Berlin. She represented burlesque on one of the most watched Quebec TV shows, le Banquier. To her, a burlesque performance is a magical adventure, a precious window into the performer’s elaborate imagination and an ode to a woman’s femininity. Her acts always have a touch of darling innocence, cutesy sensuality, delicate femininity, humour and grace. One would think she is right out of an old Hollywood classic, ready to dazzle you with her charms.

Foxy Lexxi Brown
MO-BurlesqueX-LexiBrownFoxy Lexxi Brown is known as the Ebony Burlesque Bombshell of Montreal. She is a fetish model who transitioned to the Burlesque scene in 2012 through Monde Osé and studying under the tutelage of Bonbon Bombay and The Lady Josephine. Lexxi also started coordinating and directing burlesque shows and events featuring international guest stars as of 2013 and recently launched her new company, Foxy Nights Entertainment in 2014.

With the fierceness of her look and seduction of her movements, Foxy Lexxi Brown will take you on an arousing journey where fetishism, burlesque, and temptation meet in one addictive cocktail that will leave you craving more.


You will find on all of Monde Osé’s web platforms, the third video in our series thanking and honoring many of the artists who have contributed to the Royal Burlesque Ball over the years, helping to make it what it has become today!


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