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MsV collaborates with LUKO

After participating in the North American Hairstyling Awards as a fashion stylist for Antoine Vadacchino and winning first place in the Fashion Forward category, MsV continues to push her Artistic Direction career even further.
Associating herself with LUKO, one of the designers from the french television show “La collection“, MsV is proud to bring a little touch of her trademark edginess to his upcoming fashion show on Saturday November 13th.
Also on the team will be hair stylist Stephane Legros with REDKEN. The combined styling will be modelled by popular Monde Osé models as well as a few other up-and-coming agency models, all under the artistic direction of MsV.
Click here to read a short article about LUKO and his fashions.
You are invited to join LUKO and his team, in support of this up-and-coming Montreal fashion designer and get a glimpse of his newest designs. The show will consist mostly of every day “ready to wear” clothing, as well as a retrospective of a few of his most popular creations to demonstrate how en vogue his designs remain and how they can be worn in different ways.
It is a great pleasure and honour to have MsV participate in this project and we hope that you will come and show your support to Ms V`s budding artistic director career!
3968, rue Saint-Ambroise, Montréal, Québec
Saturday November 13th 2010
Doors open at 7pm (General admission)
Tickets available here.