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Peek-A-Boo available for viewing at the Factory

 After the success of Circé`s first, and self produced art exhibit at the Factory in May, Circé has given me the honor of continuing to exhibit one of her masterpieces, and quite frankly, MY favorite piece: Peek-A-Boo.

If you missed her exhibit, you still have the opportunity to come and see this piece live at the Monde Osé Factory. All you have to do is set up an appointment, by emailing me at

This piece is still available to be purchased at $3400. However if you are interested in potentially buying this piece, you should act fast as Circé’s work is starting to get very popular and there is a high possibility that all her pieces will go up in value very shortly. Take a glance at her work, but you need to see it in person to TRULY appreciate it.

“Our power as a female, may be expressed in many ways, from the demure to the explosive burst of fun.”
Taken from: Gearing up in Fetish Wear.

Oil on canvas

Photo by: Savon

To view more of Circé`s art, visit her website at:

On a personal note, I would like to say a couple of words about this artist named: Circé. In the short time I met her before her art exhibit, I met a different type of woman. A type of woman I have not had many occasions of meeting in my life. My experience with Circé reminded me how diverse life is, and how every person`s journey is so different. I met a woman that society in general, may not always comprehend, and I was very happy to have put myself in a situation that forced me to open my mind and interact and learn more about a lady who is passionate about her art, as I am about mine. I am VERY proud to have played a role in her first solo art exhibit, and to use my vehicle (Monde Osé) as a platform for her to reach a new public for her art. On that note I invite you to take advantage of this awesome opportunity to come and view a piece of art that I most definately wish I owned. Thank you Circé for being such a wonderful soul, for bringing your art into my life, and for making me part of your endeavours to propel your work! An experience I will always appreciate. I support you 100%.

A bit about the artist and her work:

My artwork looks at the female body, mind and sense of empowerment. I enjoy creating erotic art and this in turn allows me to comment on social, political, cultural and sexist ways women and all females are perceived. I attempt to speak on the violence done to women as well as the beauty of femininity. My work reproduces familiar concepts of the nude and the female erotic while inserting new elements such as political and anti oppression narratives, commentaries and symbology.

I create my erotic art from the inside out, as a woman born with a biological condition called transsexuality, I have had to come into my own as a female through much hardships. My path towards re-claiming my femininity and sense of womanhood was a struggle and emotional pain, a constant reminder of society’s misogynistic and sexist attitude towards women in general and specifically towards females such as I. I think that my life experiences have given me a unique perspective, one that i try to share with all. I am passionate on many issues but I am generally even more vocal when it comes to women and the treatment they are sadly often subjected to because of abusive and oppressive stereotypes and prejudices born of patriarchy.

For the past three years, my art has involved the creation of a celebration of females in all their multifaceted splendor and beauty. I have invested over a year in painting and drawing a series of pieces just about vaginas, because I felt they deserved celebrating and respect and honor. I have had a few shows in which my vagina paintings were showcased. Of course, I was influenced by plays, books, friends and especially from the fact that I had to have corrective surgery in order to finally have my own vagina. I had to work a lot and go through so many hurdles and barriers to finally be in a position to have my body aligned with my brain, my knowledge of who i am. It is probably clear by now that i am a feminist and i do what i can to empower everything female.