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SEX MAGIC – New Spring Monde Osé Event

Sex Magic
May 23, 2015

Sex Magic will be the Climax of the 14th annual North American ISTA Conference on Sexuality and Consciousness.

This will be a traditional Monde Osé event including international guests from the Conference.

Conference Weekend ticket holders will have free access to the Sex Magic Party.
Regular ticket price for all other Monde Osé members will be 55$.

This event will be taking place at the same venue we hosted Halloween where we sold out with 350 attendees.

Jack Saloon
262 Saint-Paul, Vieux-Montréal

Sex Magic is the theme of the Sexuality and Consciousness Conference Official After-Party

This Sex Magic Monde Osé party is an entrance into the mystical and magical realms of a ritualistic ceremony where we will conjure beauty, love and ecstasy.

Suggested Thematic Dress Code:

Welcome the heat of a passionate summer with us and come dressed as a mystical, ethereal creature or being, God/Goddess, or in any outfit that expresses your senses of love, eros, sensuality, and sexuality. Allow yourself to be inspired by these ideas, and let a magical person emerge from within.

Lingerie, sexy dresses, wild outfits, fairies, or God / Goddess attire are all welcome on this evening!

This can also look like just wearing one of your sexiest outfits. Feel good. Feel Beautiful.

Together we will dance, sing and play in our Garden of Pleasures and Delight. Allow the music to guide you as we frolic, tease, tempt and journey into the realms of our most inner fires.

Sex Magic is a combination of the light of spring awakening, the heat of a midsummer night’s dream, and the power of an underground gathering of the most powerful sexual magicians on the planet.

Back by popular demand after their Halloween performance, allow yourselves to find ecstasy on the dance floor to the seductive sounds of our musical gods.







alegra rasmus
Alegra (California) and Rasmus (Quebec) perform an opening ceremony sure to raise the temperature of the night.


mim joanie
Mim Jackson & Joanie perform a sensual duo act designed to tempt, seduce and overtake your senses. From innocence to empowerment!


Finally Edina and Amanda join Monde Osé after their break out performance at Bal Erotique Call of the Wild, to once again bring a performance that stirs up our sex centers, awakens the carnal, and ends with heart. A tantric display of sexuality and heart energy!

Dare to enter into the mystery and allow your carnal self to guide your spirit into an evening of ecstasy and revelry.