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Laura Desiree Burlesque

Code of Conduct for the 2018 Royal Burlesque Ball

Monde Osé is all about love, acceptance, tolerance and respect; and the goal of our parties is to have fun and safely explore your sensuous side at your own pace.

We have created some guidelines that we ask every member to follow in order to encourage a fun and healthy environment. It is fundamental that all invited guests understand and adhere to the guidelines so that every person can enjoy their evening with the knowledge that the following common courtesies are to be expected.

Women are the essence of our parties. They are the central focus of the evening and most importantly, set the rules and the limits. Women should feel comfortable to play as they please without any advances or hassles from unsolicited people.

Women should never feel uncomfortable to reject any advance. However, please make an attempt to be courteous. If you feel you are being disrespected, please advise an organizer of the event or see a security agent so that they can be aware of unbecoming behaviours of the specific attendee.

Invited guests should understand and respect even the subtlest signs of a “no” (i.e. that someone is not interested).

Flirtation, kissing and touching is encouraged with permission from your playmates… building up sexual tension throughout the night.

Excessive drinking, to the point of disrupting other guests’ fun, will lead to immediate expulsion.

Men should remember that it is a privilege to be at this party. With this in mind, male guests are expected to be charming, chivalrous, friendly, receptive to non-verbal signals and never dominating or aggressive.

However, even if a man embodies all of these traits, a lack of attraction and/or chemistry with a woman is possible. If rejected, men should be courteous and not offended. Every woman has different tastes. Remember, it is important for women to always lead the way. That is not to say that men cannot flirt with a woman, but that they should be aware of their reactions.

Using good judgment about your own behavior and being respectful of other guests at the party are the essential points to consider coming into The Burlesque Ball and any party hosted by Monde Osé.

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Top 5 ways to enjoy your Burlesque Ball

  1. Do not accept drinks from strangers, and do not leave your drink unattended. If you do, leave it and get a new one.
  2. Monde Osé does not condone drug use. In fact Monde Osé is developed to give you a natural high without any ill after effects.
  3. Drink responsibly.
  4. Be polite and respectful. We have zero tolerance for rudeness. Guests found being disrespectful to any one in the event will be asked to leave.
  5. Know your healthy boundaries before the party, and respect them during it.

These guidelines are established to ensure that everyone has the best time possible at a Monde Osé event and applies to everyone in attendance, male and female.

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