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DJ ANNOUNCEMENT : Monde Osé Halloween Ball

With just under 3 weeks to go to Monde Osé’s Halloween Ball, we are happy to introduce and announce our DJ’s for this year’s event:

For the first time at Monde Osé  


thumbnailR-KWith an obsession for music, Rich&Kiss believe that DJ’s have the sacred responsibility to turn music into a spiritual experience, a phenomenon that connects individuals with themselves, and interconnected with everyone else.  They crave the shared provocation of the crowd’s passion and stimulate it with some soul sifting beats.  Their sets massage the audience’s psyche and convince them deeply to just fucking love.  Themselves.  Everyone.  Now.  Always.

Rich&Kiss’ weapon of mass seduction?

“A tasteful mélange of deep house with thick, minimal tech loops.  Sprinkle some soulful lyrics.  Keep it seductive.  Climax.”

Holding a monthly residency at Montreal’s coolest House Music nightclub, Peopl Club, Rich&Kiss have also played important events such as the Gay Pride Festival (Montreal), Wanderlust Festival (Tremblant) and one of the most avant-garde events of the year, Huppé Studio’s Trash Event (Montreal).

You can find out more about Rich&Kiss on their website and catch their podcoast, Rich & Kiss: House de musique

Don’t delay. Tickets are selling quickly and less than half of the 300 tickets remain.






Coming up next week, we announce the performers!