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FREE ONLINE SUMMIT | Discover the Secrets to Conscious Sex

Level-up your love making and experience a thriving, ecstatic and soul-merging sex life.


Register to the conference for free! Join Frank —president & founder of Monde Osé— and 24 of the world’s leading sexuality experts at the upcoming Conscious Sexuality Summit, presented by OMOONIE from September 15th to the 22nd.


Are you are ready to empower your love life through conscious intimacy and connection? Are you open to go beyond the typical boundaries of giving and receiving pleasure?

Hear from some of the world’s leading ”sexperts” and get their best advice on how to level-up the bedroom to foster your relationships. Advice that is tested, tried and true – through modern science and secret ancient teachings.

Starting September 15th 2016, you’ll have access to an incredible lineup of speakers who will transfer onto you valuable tricks of the trade that you can use right away. Streamed directly into your bedroom. For FREE!  For couples and singles that want to learn how to reinforce their love making to experience a thriving, ecstatic and soul-merging sex life…

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Omooni offers online courses to help you refine your sexuality and nourish your relationships. Dive into secret ancient knowledge and the latest scientific research, to mystical and almost lost techniques for improving your love life. Brought to you by the world’s most renowned ”sexperts” providing the best teachings available online. http://omooni.com/summit