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Monde Ose Presents – Halloween Ball 2014 – Official Event Video

Monde Ose is proud to announce the release of the official event video for The Halloween Ball, 2014!

November 1st

Jack Saloon 
262 St Paul Est, Vieux Montréal

Monde Ose’s Halloween Ball offers you a passage to the Underworld – an enchanted gateway to ritual, obscurity and the arcane. 

Our Coven of Witches welcomes you to express your unique esoterism, and play among the creatures of the night. 

We invite you to interpret the theme as you wish, while adhering to the Monde Ose codes of etiquette and attire, so beware: arriving as a fireman or nurse can end up turning you into a victim of one of these lustful bloodthirsty creatures! 

Prepare yourself for a bewitching night of seduction, indulgence, and revelry, where the predators and their prey come to play…