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NEW YEAR’S EVE 2010 – Kiss and Fly

Hello All,
Monde Osé was not planning to do a New Year’s Eve party until we were approached by one of the longest running and most successful NYE party’s in Montreal called Kiss and Fly, produced by Victor Charlebois and his team.
This event IS NOT A MONDE OSÉ EVENT, but one of the coolest and most extravagant events hosted in one of the NICEST VENUES in the city. (I was there last year as a guest and really enjoyed my experience as far as New Year`s Eve parties are concerned).
For this occasion, MONDE OSÉ ENTERTAINMENT has been asked to develop all the entertainment for the night. In addition, Kiss and Fly has offered to give Monde Osé members a restricted/priviliged area for all members that buy their tickets through Monde Osé.
This gives me the opportunity to explain a very important nuance about Monde Osé.
Monde Osé has 2 divisions:
The first being Monde Osé PRODUCED events such as Bal Érotique and our private parties. You know it’s a Monde Osé event when it says: Monde Osé Presents or A Monde Osé Production
The second being our Monde Osé ENTERTAINMENT division, which means Monde Osé was hired for our creative direction, talent and/or entertainment. However, these events are NOT pure Monde Osé produced events, so the clientele is mixed and we can not guarantee the exact same vibe created at our Monde Osé PRODUCED events.
For this New Year’s Eve party, Kiss and Fly has hired Monde Osé ENTERTAINMENT, however we believe that this is THE BEST New Years Eve party of the year and we are proud to be associated with this event, and the organizers have been kind enough to give us a private section overlooking the whole party.
Get ready for the hottest entertainment of any New Year`s eve event in the city!