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Seeking New Age Lovers & Warriors of Light!

Hello All.

There comes a time when our existence has to mean more than what shoes we are wearing, what car we drive and how smashed we got last weekend. A time when fulfillment comes from something beyond the material.
That time is now. Its a time where the first movers must come together to create unity, joy and inspiration for the rest. A time where being selfless in the cause of promoting an emotion so powerful, it can change the face of our reality – LOVE.
The movement has begun. Never in time have we been so poised to be part of a major paradigm shift than right now. The issue though, is getting people together. The system is created to keep us separate, focused on the unnecessary, and keeping our interactions virtual instead of in person. The reason for this is that when we are united, and our intentions are GOOD, our potential is multiplied! And this simple action of uniting, needs to be repeated, until we can create momentum, and with momentum comes change.
So it’s time we use the virtual medium to start passing this message of love and unity. Let’s individually start to promote positive messages. Use your facebook or twitter accounts not to bitch and complain, but to INSPIRE LOVE. Let’s release a positive vibration that touches thousands of people on a daily basis, so that we all feel the good within each other, instead of falling prey to the competitive nature of the system. Let BEAUTY REIGN and the ugly fall to the waste side.
Personally i am looking to connect with as many people, and artists as possible.
I want to work together to create BEAUTY through ARTISTIC EXPRESSION.
I want to be surrounded by positive people that can emit little sparks, so that together we can ignite a flame.
A fire designed to light the hearts of the people we touch, so that our message can be felt from many far and wide.
I believe Montreal is a Royal city. A city with the perfect mix of multiculturalism, artistic expression, peace and the illumination and desire to make an international statement about LOVE, RESPECT, HONOR AND HUMILITY. Help light the flame in our humble little town, and let`s watch it grow and spread throughout the world.
The time is now.
Join me in spreading messages of love, and being committed to joy and unity.
One way to ignite this flame is by gathering together EVERY BEAUTIFUL SUNDAY on the ROYAL MOUNTAIN , where we will start to LET LOVE FREE by laughing, singing and PLAYING together.
Personally, I will try to be on the Mountain by the Gazebo every beautiful sunday as of 2:00 or 3:00 with a group of musicians and artists to get together and play. Whoever you are, artist, musician, voyeur etc …JOIN US.
The (r)Evolution is here. You just need to want it and contribute to it. Love is giving, and so easy to do.
Smile, “the times the are a changing” (1) for the better…”IF YOU WANT IT!” (2)
Peace Love and Sensuality
Frank Mondeose
(1) Bob Dylan
(2) John Lennon & Yoko Ono